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Will this be paradise? I

been to Bali?

semi-overcast 24 °C

Arrived at our hotel in Bali about 11.30 last night. Woken up early by cocks crowing and squeaky birds in the trees - yes the place looks fantastic!. Checked out Little India for our last morning in Singapore. Then caught in the rain with no taxis, had no time for the botanical gardens. Now for breakfast!

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Singapore safaris

Day 2

semi-overcast 27 °C

My turn now ( Lynn)
I have decided that Singapore is officially my favourite city - however I have had quite a lot to drink so my powers of discernment might be a bit skewed!
Here we are in the shopping capital of the world and we have made slight miscalculation as it is Chinese New Year - so most of the shops are closed! Most things are open today - but nearly everything is closed tomorrow - so off to the Botanical Gardens then!!!

Started the day by going to Chinatown - which was loads of small streets - selling loads of tacky stuff - I loved it!! Laurie was very patient in the face of such trials!
First highlight of the day was lunch in a " hawkers food market" - street food which is a big thing here - this was in Chinatown and the food was amazing and so cheap - about £2-£3.00 per dish maximum.
After a rest in the PM - ( very sore feet - had to wear at least 3 pairs of shoes today as each pair rubbed in different places - and Laurie wonders why I need to take so many shoes!) we went off the icon that is Raffles.
Biggest disappointment of the day was Raffles - the Long Bar is not the original one and the drinks were amazingly expensive - a Singapore Sling ( which was very sweet and sickly) and a beer - cost more than most meals - so wish that we had not bothered - there is also a strange thing where they serve peanuts and all the shells are thrown on the floor - and they all pile up on the floor - and this in a city where there is no litter - at all - and everything is scupulously clean - even the toilets in the hawkers food market! Very strange!
Had an amazing meal sitting next to the river ( little boats going up and down the river constantly taking litter out of the water - really!!)
DSCN1199.jpg and then went to a Sky Bar
at the highest point in Singapore with amazing 360% views over the city - however shortly after arriving it started raining and guess what - Health and safety meant that they had to evacuate everyone to the sports bar on a lower floor - not quite the same view. Laurie was very happy though as it was the Sports Bar and there were huge screens with Totthenham playing Man City - he could not have arranged it better!
Tomorrow keeping busy without Shops as it is Chinese New Year - then off to Bali - Cant wait!

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1st stop

Arrived Singapore

overcast 24 °C

Leg 1: from Heathrow to Singapore. Thanks to Shelagh for the parking and dropoff.

Many, many thanks to Richard and Britannic for the contribution to this fantastic trip.

Only half hour delay on the flight, so 12 hours on the plane. Lynn and I, and about 4000 others! On one of the new A-380s. Cool plane and pretty comfortable despite the almost full flight. Never watch the movie Cowboys and Aliens unless you are on a plane with a bit of your life to kill.
DSCN1186.jpgCorner of Orchard Rd and Scotts

Corner of Orchard Rd and Scotts

Now bedded down in hotel after a quick foray and supper on Orchard Road. Looking forward to exploring tomorrow.

Great moments so far:
1) being hit by the warm blanket of tropical humidity on leaving the AC of Changi airport - bliss!
2) pint of cold Tiger and satays in a pavement cafe on the corner of Orchard Road and Scotts.

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Eve of departure

Ready to go

overcast 7 °C

Last night at home and just setting up this blog. The first of many new experiences to come, and hopefully the least exciting! Time in the morning for final preparations and packing, then we are off!


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